Steam Powered Pressure Washer

  Steam Powered Pressure Washer You've decided you need a Pressure Washer and after checking out all the ads and knowing the things you want to use it for, you decided to get a Steam Pressure Washer. Well good! You?re just about there. Now you need to check out how you?re going to power the thing. Are you going to use in or near your shop or garage where you are close to 30 amps 110v or 220v? Maybe you plan to use it at various job sites around the country. Do you have a big enough generator to power an electric powered pressure washer? If not better pass on that one. How about diesel or Kerosene? Would you consider that as a heating agent to heat the water as well as run the pump motor? That wouldn't work to good if you have to use it in the shop to clean off equipment that you have used in the winter ice and snow, but it could work. Well there is one option you should consider to power the motor as well as heat the water and that is Propane. If you chose a Propane powered Steam Pressure Washer it would be a cleaner more portable unit than either of the above units. You would get the perfect grouping of portability, power and use ability. Many units are available with flow rates up to 5 GPM and pressure levels around 3000 PSI so you have exceptional power to tackle the worst cleaning and degreasing jobs you can find. These portable units are made industrial tough also. There heavy duty frame work will give you years of service in situations that will tax the best units. Usually the frame is powder-coated and the water tank is stainless steel with heavy duty heating coils. Some units come with small 6" or 8" wheels with a tong that you can hook to anything from a garden tractor to a pickup and pull it around the site. This type normally would be put into the tool trailer to move any distance. Then there are the units that have regular 15" or bigger trailer wheels and can be towed to and from the work site with any kind of vehicle and can be licensed for the road. These units can clean grease from your tractor before you do the required maintance or repair as well as clean graffiti off concrete or walls. If the pressure is adjustable (as most of them are) you will be able to all the jobs from deck cleaning to stripping paint. Just remember that you don't need the steam generator going all the time for all jobs. Just because you have it doesn't mean that you have to use it. Most of these units are capable of being used in 3 ways. Steam on or off, water hot or cold. Some Pressure Washers have a pick-up line so you can also siphon cleaner out of a container for other cleaning jobs. Check out Steam Power Pressure Washers and other type of pressure washer units at

  • Jul 10, 2019

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