How To Install A Car Audio Amplifier

  Car audio amplifier is a tool that plays music inside a car. This amplifier is not a built in tool. That means you will not get it while buying a car. You have to buy it separately and have to install it in your car. Installing this has some specific procedures. Here you will some basic instructions about how to install a car audio amplifier. First, you have to disconnect the terminals. This is not mandatory but this is just for safety reason. Now, you have to run the power cable to the amplifier from the battery. You have to find a ground point. It has to be closer to the amplifier. Make sure that the point is attached to the frame of the vehicle. The connection also has to be solid. Run your power cable to the amplifier just as you have done with the power cable. If your ground point has any color, then remove it. Use a sandpaper to do this job. You can use it also to remove any rust. The connection will not be solid if the metal is not shiny. If you want to attach a ring terminal with the ground point, then this is the right time to do that. After this you have to wrap up the ground point with something that is non conducting. Then use some spray paint or any kind of finish that will protect the ground point from rust. Do not forget to turn on the remote and to run the RCA cables. You have to pull out the head unit out of the mounting location. Fasten the remote turn on wire with the wiring harness of the head unit. Now, decide which amplifier will contain which RCA cable. Keep the RCA cables away from any type of power cables. Keep them away especially from the amps power cable. Now, let all the wires of the speakers run. Fasten the wires with the amplifier. After this turn the remote on and add the power to the ground. Attach the fuse holder. Always attach it near the battery. If your battery terminals are very sophisticated, then do not forget to give proper protection and connect them in the right way. Attach the other cables with the battery. It will be better if you can get your battery terminals a brand new cover. Before turning on the amplifier, check it properly. Turn the gain of the amplifier down. After that turn your system on and listen carefully. Check whether everything is working properly or not. Listen to the sound carefully. Think whether you can hear any noise or not, and verify how much noise you can hear. Verify whether there is any distortion exists that is audible. If everything is completely all right, then move on to the next step. Your next step is to think how you will give power to the amp, where your amp will stay, etc. With that your amplifier will be fixed perfectly. If you follow all these steps then you will be able to install your amplifier safely and properly.

  • Jul 11, 2019

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