What does spam look like- Staying out of the junk mail box

  What is spam? Nobody wants it, but do we know what it actually is? At the moment perfection is shifting towards the idea of spam as an email that is irrelevant to the user. Dont become complacent because of this shift in perception though. A recent DMA survey showed that 75% of consumers found less than 20% of emails they received to be relevant to them.

  Not everyone has changed their definition of spam either, just under 20% of people would describe it as an email that they didnt specifically request. A further study asked participants to rate acceptability of promotional emails on a scale of 1 to 5 (with 1 being totally unacceptable and 5 being totally acceptable). The consumers questioned said that emails from a company where they had given permission for ongoing communication were acceptable (with a score of 4.1). If the consumer received a marketing email from a company they had interacted with, but without specific permission the score dropped to 2.5. Consumers were least receptive to marketing emails from companies that they had never interacted with, when these companies send marketing material without permission that was given an acceptability score of 1.7.

  The moral of the story seems clear; get your email marketing company to?concentrate on targeted email marketing campaigns to make your email more relevant to your customers and focus on marketing to opt in lists. This will avoid seeing your email classed as spam by users.

  If your opt in list is currently quite small, there is still a lot you can do with email marketing. Focus on maximising the impact of the list that you do have. There is clear evidence that people on your opt-in list find it acceptable for you to email them. Dont assume that sending more emails than you do at the moment is excessive or over mailing.

  Is your business affected by seasonality? If so it is likely there are times when it is fine for you to send a lot more email. A great example is the extra bank holidays for the Royal Wedding, which mean that it would be unusual to take exception with so many people planning holidays to hearing a bit more from your preferred airline at the moment.

  You also have a perfect group waiting to hear more from you in the form of your best subscribers. This group opens your emails more often and buys from those emails. That is a clear indication that they dont mind you emailing them. If you are worried about subscriber fatigue in other areas of your list, then these are the people to focus your efforts on.

  If you find yourself worrying that your opt-in marketing list is not big enough though, you may need to ask why that is. Are you giving your customers enough opportunities to opt in?

  • Jul 10, 2019

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