Enjoy Fine Dining in the Comfort of Your Own Catered Ski Chalet

  There’s nothing more welcoming after a long, exhilarating day on the slopes than coming home to your catered ski chalet for a warming afternoon tea and the knowledge that an excellent dinner will follow shortly.

  Let’s face it: skiers march (or slide) on their stomachs - a fact well understood by the staff at a Ski Amis’ catered ski chalets, who will ensure that you set off having had a good breakfast and are met with a delicious tea and dinner.

  Fully Trained Cooks

  The staff in our catered ski chalets are not trained chefs, because trained chefs want to add their own style to what they cook. At Ski Amis we prefer to give you consistent, high quality food, carefully and correctly prepared at every meal. So we employed a head chef to create a delicious, elegant menu which he then rigorously taught our staff to cook. That’s how we know that the food you get in any of our chalets will be cooked exactly as it should be to create a great dining experience for you.

  The Breakfast of Kings

  We’ve all heard the expression that breakfast is ‘the most important meal of the day”, and at Ski Amis we take that seriously. We make sure that rather than just cereal and bread in the morning, you also have a choice of a hot Full English breakfast complete with baked beans imported from the UK!

  Daily High Tea

  The afternoon, when you return to your catered ski chalet and meet up with friends and family after a long day on the slopes, is a very special part of a ski holiday. It’s the time when you share stories about the day’s adventures, discuss newly discovered runs, and swap opinions on where the best snow was to be found.

  At Ski Amis we embrace this time by welcoming you back with freshly baked cakes, cups of tea and coffee and other refreshments in the communal living space. This way, you can relax and chat in the cosy comfort of your chalet away from home.

  Dinner Time

  Dinner is when our staff really come into their own, creating elegant dishes which they have been trained to make to an exactingly high standard. Guests can enjoy chalet-cooked dishes including:

  • Red onion tart with goat cheese• Braised rump steak with smoked bacon and onions with champ potatoes• Lamb and apricot tagine with coriander couscous and Moroccan salad• Lemon posset with stem ginger shortbread• Chocolate orange tart

  We want you to relax and take your time over dinner, so we also provide a range of table wines for you to enjoy with your meal.

  Dietary Requirements

  While we’ve planned our menus to appeal to as broad tastes as possible, we know that sometimes special dietary requirements or children with less adventurous appetites make it necessary to be flexible. We have a range of alternative menus available to cover vegetarianism, intolerances to certain ingredients, and even a kids’ menu with selected food imported from the UK to cater for children with simpler tastes.

  • Jul 11, 2019

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