10 Basic Yoga Postures for Beginners and Non-Flexible People

Looking for ways to loosen up and increase mobility? Yoga has long been hailed as an exceptional way to build strength, improve flexibility, and decompress. But for the uninitiated, yoga poses can seem like an impossible tangle of arms and legs. Not so, if you stick with the basics. We’ve put together a sure-fire list of the Top 10 Basic Yoga Poses. The following poses are perfect for complete beginners and for those with limited flexibility.

#10. Deep Breathing

10 Basic Yoga Postures for Beginners and Non-Flexible People - Deep Breathing

The Deep Breathing pose expands the lungs and helps transfer oxygen to the muscles. It is often the first pose performed in a yoga series, and it is designed to ready the body and mind for what is to come. Stand with a straight spine, tightening your abdominal muscles slightly and shifting the chest slightly forward. Interlock the fingers under the chin and open the elbows to the side. Breathe in and out slowly. As you exhale, tilt your head back slightly at the neck and draw your elbows together. If you begin to feel strain in the neck, stop. Return to the start position, inhaling as you open your elbows to the side. Repeat.

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