10 Ways To Protect Yourself Against Coronavirus

The Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19 was first identified as the cause of pneumonia cases that were reported from Wuhan City in Hubei Province of China. It rapidly spread in China to the state of an epidemic and then all over the globe resulting in a national pandemic. The Coronavirus disease 2019 is spread mainly from person to person, the respiratory droplets that is released into the environment from an infected person may get inside the body of a healthy person. This can happen when a person sneezes or coughs. It can also be spread through indirect surfaces in which an infected person came into contact with. The death rates keep increasing and there is no vaccine to prevent the Coronavirus Disease 2019. Therefore, the best way to prevent the disease is by avoiding the exposure to the virus. So, in this post I have listed 10 ways to protect yourself against Coronavirus. Read this, be safe and pass on the message to everyone you know!

#10.  Wash your hands properly and frequently.

10 ways to protect yourself against Coronavirus - Wash your hands

Keep washing your hands; properly and frequently. This is the best way to protect yourself from coronavirus. Water only won’t do the trick. You have to use soap and water, and rub it properly for at least 20 seconds when washing hands. This method is employed because of the structure of coronavirus. Coronavirus have an outer layer filled with spikes (giving it a crown like appearance) and the next to the spikey layer there is lipid bilayer. Remember how you would wash a plate with butter on it? You apply soap on the plate to get rid of the butter. That’s exactly what happens with the coronavirus. When soap is applied, the lipid layer breaks down and now the coronavirus cannot get inside your body. When you rinse it with water the virus gets washed away. You can use a hand sanitizer to clean you hands- with at least 60% alcohol if you can’t find soap and water. Put some sanitizer onto your hands and rub it thoroughly until the hands are dry.

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