11 Cancer Symptoms You Are Likely to Ignore

Statistics indicate that cancer in the United States is the second killer disease after heart ailments. For this reason, it is prudent to look out for warning signs early for treatment. Some types of cancer grow with time without any symptoms. On that account, you should go for screening from time to time to check if you have a tumor or any moles. The good news is that if the doctor detects cancer in good time, it is curable. Meanwhile, here are 11 cancers symptoms that you can look out for in your body.

11. Other Symptoms

11 Cancer Symptoms You Are Likely to Ignore - Other Symptoms

Cancer can exhibit some signs that you can take note of with sheer simplicity. For instance, if you have swollen feet, it is essential to see a doctor for an examination. The ideal way to identify other symptoms is by examining the changes in your body. Since you know your system very well, you can ascertain when something is wrong.

Your fingernails might tell you that you need to see a specialist as soon as possible. If they are turning dark, skin cancer might be developing slowly. In addition to that, pale and white nails show that you could be having liver cancer.

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