What You Should Do to Live Longer

We all want to live longer, no matter what anyone says. Today, it is easier to enjoy a longer life by incorporating simple changes into your life. Good habits replace bad habits, positive energy replaces negative energy and healthy foods replace empty calories. That is a very simplistic overview of the top 10 things you can do that will make you live longer.

#10 Swap, don’t drop the fat

10 Things That Will Make You Live Longer - don’t drop the fat

Americans consume some of the highest levels of fat in the world. Diet is critical to long-term health. The expression is “you are what you eat“ and that is the truest set of words ever spoken. Look at your body like a car – the body functions based on the food you put into it just like the car will only function based upon the fuel you put into it. If you put the highest grade of fuel into your car it will run at it at an optimal level. It will not break down as often, its parts will run smoothly and will not require as much maintenance. Overall, your car will last longer.

The same applies with your body. If you are eating potato chips all day and drinking soda filled with sugar then your dinner is comprised of unhealthy fats, you are likely to develop very serious health problems. Many Americans do not eat enough fiber, fruits and vegetables. They enjoy sugars, starches and high levels of animal fat. These types of diets lead a person squarely into a cardiologist’s office. Instead, swap out those unhealthy white sugars and fats for healthy fats. The most important healthy fats to incorporate into your diet are as follows:



*Dark chocolate

*Whole Eggs

*Fatty fish


*Chia seeds

*Extra virgin olive oil

*Coconut and coconut oil

*Full fat yogurt

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